Orchard Name: Hubbard Orchard
Orchard Owners: Marty, Suzanne, Rogers, Jim
Orhcard Category: Farmstead Heritage Orchard
Physical Address: 1008 MT HWY 55, Whitehall
Address: 990 MT HWY 55
City: Whitehall
State: MT
Zip: 59759
County: Jefferson County 51

Planting Date: early 1960's:
Type of Cultivars: McIntosh Other apples not yet identified
History: George Hubbard planted these trees in the early 1960s. He was a retired person who supported himself and his wife with the fruit of the trees and the produce that grew under them. George Hubbard passed away unexpectedly and George and Rose Uitrich bought and took over care of the orchard. Eventually George V. reduced its size by about half. Six of the trees that remain are in poor condition. I bought the place in 2007 and know little about the apples. George V. told me that they had never been sprayed with a pesticide. He said the orchard contained Macs, Canadian Macs, Transparent, Early Junes, and Red Delicious.

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