Orchard Name: Chief Plenty Coups State Park
Orchard Owners: Montana State Parks
Orhcard Category: Backyard Heritage Orchard
Planting Date: 1903:
Type of Cultivars: 1 - Wealthy apple 4 others unknown at this point
History: Orchard planted by Chief Plenty Coups; planted 5,000 shade trees and several hundred fruit trees after visiting Washington D.C. and being impressed with all the trees. In spring 1903 about 5,000 shade trees were planted around Crow homes, as well as several hundred fruit trees. Ninety percent of these trees were dead by 1909, but chief Plenty Coups flourished. The Chief's orchards, planted northwest and northeast of his house, included four or five different types of apples and other small fruit such as currants. Some of the fruit produced was used by his family and some was sold in small store which Plenty Coups operated. As the role model for his followers, Plenty Coups tried to show them successful agricultural practices. - Superintendent Reynolds to Commissioner of Indian Affairs, September 6, 1909

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