Research Sites

The goal of the fruit tree cultivar research in Montana is to evaluate the performance of apple, pear and plum cultivars across the state, specifically not establishing research sites in two current fruit production regions of the state (Bitterroot and Flathead Valley) and focusing on areas with little to no current fruit production. Each of the 10 sites has a core group of cultivars replicated at all the sites, with three replications of each cultivar at each site. Sites with additional space have additional cultivars, some of which are replicated at other sites. Apple cultivars planted at all sites: Honeycrisp, Sweet 16, Northern Lights, Goodland and Zestar. Pear cultivars planted at all sites: Parker, Patten, Golden Spice, Ure and Luscious. Plum cultivars planted at all sites: Mount Royal, Pipestone and Toka.The core cultivars were selected based upon anecdotal information that they would perform in Montana, and that they could be procured from wholesale growers. The map below indicates the research locations with information on each site.


Katrina Mendrey
Apple Program Coordinator, Western Ag Research Center
P: (406) 961-3025,
Zach Miller
Asst. Professor-Horticulture
Rachel Leisso
Asst. Professor-Horticulture